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404 Anonymous 01/17/2020 09:35:17 No. 507
Did this place fuck up again?
Looks like it did.
.tfw all those NEETs lost in the arse end of endchan
Another day, another time we have lost our home.
I forgot that this wretched place doesn't give you (You)'s.
8kun is still there you boongs
The internet hates us because we are the chosen.
back to discord.png
Open file 801.07 KB, 700x1007
yeah it feels like hell really
It's just me and one other. We're the smart NEETs, the rest wont work out how to get here.
8kun a shit.
Another place we have been exiled from...one day we will find our Promised Land.
[autism]yap yap little dog[/autism]
We will disperse and create distinct, separate cultures. Convince ourselves that we are the only true group and recreate our NEETlore.
Might cheat on Dan and go see Craig tonight.
Open file 25.93 KB, 474x474
They're in it together.
[meme] froggot[/meme]
Fuck redtext.
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Sharted in me jocks.
someneet is in the gen now
15 mins and it will bee fixed. Keep calm. Not.
Cleaned the shart out me jocks.
Then see you tomorrow, fella.
I think they're fixing up the thread issues that all the previous threads except for the current one and the one before it are not loading.
Big poo?
Good night NEET.

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