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no more hate Amy Striemedia 08/18/2019 01:43:59 No. 12
Open file 386.03 KB, 525x526
i knew it was just a test. I'm not pouring my soul out over 8chan dying. I could care less. Hot wheels ride on by. As he will do the same. You think of the intellectual dark web. ben shapiro. Here we get this "test". Are you a bot? Go home bot.  Ohh 8chan. ye happy place of old. BYE. PARKLAND SANDY fucking HOOK. NEWTON. No more 8chan cuz NEWTON. christchurch. Norway. el paso. On the other hand ben shapiro will tell it like it is supposed to be told to us.You want all the glitter the gold you want it all you aint gonna get it. Anderson cooper judges over you. don fucking lemon. He knows what time it is. times up for hate. pic related. flying over you as your moral superior. - Amy Striemedia
nice cuckchan pasta
when bots attack
stop replying to your own thread nigger kike

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