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CSS thread Anonymous Board owner 08/07/2019 23:39:50 No. 1 sticky Reply
Port your custom CSS to the new instance and post it here so we can add it here.

We're currently using KohlNumbra: https://gitgud.io/Tjark/KohlNumbra
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nice honeypot fag

Server got kys'd. But all the data is backed up so I'll be back sooner or later
your post is a honeypot
i2p is slow
>"jews doing jew things is not the real jew"
Kikes tried to pull that shit with Barbara Spectre.
Nod really.

Whereas the site xhe spammed here is


LOST NEETs 03/30/2020 02:27:17 No. 7736 Reply
Open file 5.67 KB, 247x204
Hello ? Help ?
I don't feel safe without Weber looking at my arse.
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Nothing can stop Dan
Is Dan an essential business?
It's getting better but is more annoying than anything because of all the panic buying bullshit.
>hd porn
You can get a lot of new porn in 4k.

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