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Global Rules

What is allowed here?

Illegal content is not allowed. That includes, but is not limited to, child pornography (any material that portrays sexual behavior or sexual depictions of minors in a credible way), zoophilic pornography, necrophilic pornography and direct threats of violence against groups or individuals. Please keep in mind that some laws are in dependence of YOUR nationality and not of the server location. Everything illegal I am aware of will be removed.

What about copyright infringements?

Copyright infringement is treated in accordance with the laws of the country where the affected server is located, and claims require proper documentation from your side.


Abuse can be reported by mail or using the built-in report function. Just mark the post with the checkbox, scroll to the page bottom and click the report button to report the post(s).

Email: kohlchan@aaathats3as.com